With a shared philosophy of holistic health, it was a natural fit for Floatpays to partner with Wellness Warehouse and support their team to become financially well.

We've seen great impact across all four dimensions of financial wellness amongst Wellness Warehouse staff:

Have a manageable level of debt - or no debt at all
  • 36% fewer loan applications
  • 23% less credit use
  • 32% less overdraft use
Financially prepared for an emergency
  • 77% found saving easier with the app
Improved financial acumen
  • 91% found financial planning easier with the Floatpays app
  • 96% felt more in control of their finances
Have a manageable level of financial stress
  • 77% reported little to no stress after using Floatpays
  • 96% reported an improvement in quality of life

"We partnered with Floatpays because they share our philosophy of holistic health. They understand the financial challenges that many of our team members face, and they have a cost effective, convenient solution that empowers our team members financially. What really resonated for us is that they teach financial responsibility and are on a mission to change habits. This is therefore a sustainable solution with lasting benefits, and not surprisingly, the response from our team members has been overwhelmingly positive", says Simon Alston, CEO of Wellness Warehouse.