For employers and HR departments, keeping dispersed employees informed, engaged, motivated, and productive is complicated and costly – but critical – for the business's success. 

Getting teams to communicate and collaborate is also challenging when they’re all in different locations.

The key to effectively engaging a dispersed workforce or ‘deskless employees’ is to meet them where they’re already actively engaged. Floatpays Employee Connect is an engagement tool that allows employers to communicate with everyone on their payroll via WhatsApp –  the widely used and often preferred messaging app. 

The importance of effective employee communication and connection

Before we explore ways to use Floatpays Employee Connect to engage your employees via WhatsApp, consider these benefits of effective internal communication:

  • Encourages organisational success

According to Pumble, 86% of employees and executives say that ineffective communication and collaboration are leading causes of workplace challenges. However, research also reveals that effective communication can increase workforce productivity by 25%.

  • Builds trust and boosts engagement

Studies show that engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their employer. When

you communicate with your employees regularly and consistently, they feel more connected and willing to collaborate with you and their team.

  • Ensures everyone is working toward a shared goal

When employees feel equipped with the information necessary to do their jobs effectively, they have direction and focus and are more likely to feel a sense of purpose and value in the role they play within the company. 

  • Connects leaders and employees

Communication between leaders and employees doesn’t just keep everyone in the loop; it also makes employees feel noticed and appreciated. This ultimately drives better results and elevates the company culture.

How to use Floatpays Employee Connect to elevate the employee experience

Instant messaging is wildly successful in customer service and personal communication, and it offers a variety of use cases for internal engagement.

Here are a few ways you can use Floatpays Employee Connect to communicate with your


  • Digitise employee onboarding: Effectively onboarding remote and/or deskless employees can be challenging. Employee Connect enables you to create a group of all new employees on payroll and send onboarding communication to them specifically. Using text, imagery, or video announcements via WhatsApp, you can easily and cost-effectively engage and educate new hires. 
  • Emergency/crisis communication: Sometimes, businesses need to communicate critical announcements to staff quickly and urgently. The key to effective emergency/ crisis communication is speed, flexibility, and guaranteed delivery.
    • Speed: Employee Connect enables employers to set up announcements in a few seconds and send them in real time.
    • Flexibility: Employee Connect enables employers to easily group employees on their payroll into relevant groups for specific announcements, e.g. group employees by a specific work site, job grade, or reporting line.
    • Guaranteed delivery: Analytics available on Employee Connect gives employers a consolidated view of who received and read announcements and who did not. 
  • Collect employee feedback: Employee feedback helps you to identify problems and opportunities to improve your employee experience and satisfaction. Employee Connect can be used to send out employee surveys to gather that all-important insight. 
  • Issue employee payslips: Printing and delivering physical payslips to employees – especially in a widely dispersed workforce and/or remote work set-up – is time-consuming and costly. Employee Connect removes the ‘pain’ associated with issuing physical payslips by digitising its delivery. 

Employee Connect lets you engage with your employees quickly, effectively, and efficiently

using a single, simple platform. Instantly share important information, communicate in a

crisis, or deliver digital payslips to employees through a familiar and convenient messaging platform to enhance connection and communication within your organisation.